Fall Semester: September to December 2017

Classes start in September and finish before Winter Holidays.

Families can pay the $60 per month by automatic Credit Card payments, or by cash or cheque in person. Each $60 payment covers 4 weeks of classes & 1 set of home materials.  A minimum of 3 months enrolment is necessary to get maximum benefit from the program. 

Prices will be adjusted for classes that coincide with statutory holidays. 

Payments are non-refundable however, if you miss a class due to illness, inclement weather, or other family circumstances, we will try to arrrange for you to come to another class that week to make up the missed class. If the teacher has to cancel a class for any reason, there will be a scheduled make up class or a refund. 

Price for any siblings enrolled in the same class is $40.00 per month. 

Class Size:

Minimum enrolment is 3 children. 

Maximum enrolment is 8-10 children depending on the age group. 

*Digital home materials include all of the music from class, the monthly story, and many musical activities to try at home - some screen based, some non-screen based.  All screen based activities are certified by the Fred Rogers society as appropriate for Early Childhood.